Come Gank With Me!

Tomorrow (6 January 2022) I’ll be streaming some ganking on Twitch and also giving you a chance to loot some wrecks.

Starting at 20:00 Eve Time, I’ll spend a little time doing some ganking around a gate. Then, at around 20:30, we’ll move to the station at IV-4.

On the station’s docking point, I’ll be shooting what I can, and you’ll be welcome to loot the wrecks. If anything decent drops, you’ll get a chance to scoop it and then try and dock before getting popped. It’ll then be up to you whether or not you want to share any of that sweet loot with me. 😀

Be at Jita IV – Moon 4 – Caldari Navy Assembly Plant by 20:30 with a decent loot ship. (I recommend sunesis or gnosis.) Also, if you want to bump the bots on the station (all the characters with the surname Furie) then be my guest! I’ll happily pay rewards to any pilot who can bump a Furie ship 50km off the station.




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