Letter to MacGybo

PVP followup – Thank man <3
From: Auric Dallocort
Sent: 2022.04.29 16:18
To: MacGybo,

Dear Mr MacGybo,

About 2 weeks ago we met in Jufvitte, I believe, while i was searching for moon ore to ninja mine …. ^_^

I got to thank you for in person for the wounderful content and advice that you provide to a eve noob like me ( 3 years and still feel like a noob thats eve for you 😀 )

At the end of our interaction you gave me 2 frigates to test out and you only asked of me to share my experience with you. You asked for it. So here i go.

The Merlin:

I hoped into the merlin and whent streight out to Ouelletta and surounding srounding systems, to test it out. I was feeling very hopeful and maybe overconfident seeing that i have 2 webs and i think I can take anyone. I used my newly aquired D-scan skills to find out some people doing FW. I made a safe. I warped to gate. I D-scanned 2 ships. I jumped in blind as bat and you guessed it
Kill: Auric Dallocort (Merlin). I should have checked what ships are those. Lesson learned.

The Atron:

Now with only 1 ship left i juped in the Atron and did the exact same thing, this time smarter. I checked every ship that type it was and only whent after other T1 Frigets. I juped left and right looking for a fight. I got into a few fight without any shiploses, becasue i escaped … haha. I was just about to give up when if finaly happened. I found my first victum. Kill: Harry Hotspur (Punisher) The said that the energy nut is a bitch and yeahhhhh. I told him hes my first and he smiled. Being overconfident i desided to look for more fun, but fun found me eventually ( i admit i was not paying attention at the moment) Kill: Auric Dallocort (Atron) I was a good ship tho, loved it .

The Trip:

Ok now im really hocked into this new thing called PVP. I made an Atron. The exact same you gave me. I made a plan – Go from home to Amarr only through low sec, i WILL fight evry frigget no matter what. // Whell that took around 50 jumps 😀
As an explorer Im very fast and organized when it comes to bookmarking systems for my benefit, so yeah you can imagine a small atron like shark jumping in making safes and perch sports all around hunting , wanting blood.
Man i know why and your corp do the content you do now. As a miner my corp aka my BF but the feer of EVE GOD in my and how dengerous low sec is and bla bla bla. Out of around 50 jumpes i saw very few people, disapoingingly few people. I even did the trip twise. At the end i just wanted some diferent then mining contend and sayd fuck it … and i got fucked Kill: Auric Dallocort (Atron) Dont care, loved every min of it.

The Shakes:

So i never tought that a game differnet then a MOBA will give me that feeling of …. hyper focus , of panic, and feer and andrenalin all at the same time and make me shake for hours after that. Thinking about it now even it gives me this feeling and its amazing.

My friend found some nice gas we can mine to production and whent to check it out and huff a little bit. I logged into eve a little bit after that like 2-3 min and he called me over discord. Why dafaq does he call me over disocrd da fuck ?

A random prospect huffing the same gas cloud called him friend over to come and give me guy a “warning” shop to clear him off. The guy comes in a faction frigate and my guy is in a venture, but he can drive T3s just didnt have it on hand cuz mining mission and all.

Ok sure ill come. I bought a new ship and i wanted to try it out anyways but everyone just keeps running away from it for some reason. Its a faction friget nothing special, Zangetsu.

By the time i go there the pirates and my frined appernatly made an agreement to share the could. But i went anyways just for kicks.
1 Warp to friend
2 Orbit him around 1000 m away
3 Wave o7

Local is quiet.

And then i hear over the headphones “I got locked” “They are targeting me” “He declocked” …. “FUCK!!”

I dont look. I dont care. Its on. I may day here and now but the Venture will survive i promiss you.

I pull out my ECM drones. I target lock the mother fucker, put my FB on scram and web , up close and personal in his face.

My shields go out quick. Prospect is looking from a perch on grid 430k km away. My frined gone !

I cant run. 2 Webs and a scam on me. ECM drones do nothing. But the repairer is deff keeping me alive. I was a goner no way i survive – nano past gone , down to 70% hull now and he is just now bearly losing shipeds. Hes god like 5-10% maybe in shield.
I go down to 40% hull.
I look up, his shield are now down , just starting on armor still on 90+% armor on him.

1 shot
Second shot

I present to you the pirate that deffended a gas could worth 40mil max Kill: JIm Hammer (Rapier)

This kill i dedicate to you.

Low sec is no longer scarry now. I can do different content and im happier becouse of that. Im not going to leave my friends now becasue i got bored mining for 5 hour after work. Im their protector now.

Thank you, and please dont do “Kill all miners” episode pls 😀
Fly safe Mr MacGybo.


I Killed some shit thank to your.
Kill: JIm Hammer (Rapier) – The money shop

Kill: Auric Dallocort (Atron) – Got bored after 100 low sec jumpes and cuiceded
Kill: Auric Dallocort (Atron) – AFK
Kill: Harry Hotspur (Punisher) – My first ^_^
Kill: Auric Dallocort (Merlin) – Why is this working white ?!?!?! Oh yeah … I didnt see its a faction frigate.

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