Ship Reimbursement

To prove that gankers are not all bad, I’m offering a ship reimbursement programme to new pilots of Eve Online.

The programme is open to:

  • pilots up to six months old
  • pilots who have lost ships / modules up to the value of 20,000,000 isk
  • pilots who lost ships to other players (ie, not npc kills. Also, no reimbursements for ships killed by Concord.)

To apply, you will need to submit your in-game pilot’s name, a link to the loss on zkillboard, and a brief description of what happened.

For those who don’t know, zkillboard is a website that records killmails from Eve Online. It allows you to link to those kills. It also provides an incredible amount of information for those seeking information about Eve / Fits / Losses / Corporations / items etc. It’s amazing and you really should be registered.

Please do NOT send me your real life name or out-of-game contact details. I won’t contact you out of game.

Successful reimbursements will be delivered to Jita IV-4 station and you’ll get a contract and message in-game to let you know it’s there.

At the moment, this reimbursement programme is experimental and may close down at any time. Submitting a claim which satisfies the criteria is no guarantee that it will be successful. Players who are members of player corps are less likely to be successful unless they can provide details as to why they can’t be helped by their corp. If you wish to donate isk towards the programme, please send it in-game to MacGybo with a note explaining the reason for the transaction.
Please also be aware that information about successful reimbursements is shared publicly. By submitting this information, you are agreeing for it to be shared publicly.